This account targets children under the age of 18 years. It helps to inculcate a savings culture in children from an early age. Free to make deposits whenever you like and backed up by support and guidance, you’ll be encouraging your child to save and learn about the value of money and how to stay on top of their finances. That way, once they reach their teens and beyond they’ll be familiar with the responsibilities of managing their money.

This account earns a 3% interest rate quarterly, with a minimum operating balance of KES 300.

  • Benefits

    1. 1 bankers cheques per term.
    2. Free debit card
    3. 1 free quarterly withdrawal
    4. Branded merchandise.
    5. Birthday cakes delivered to the child at home/ school.
  • Requirements

    1. Copy of ID or Passport
    2. Copy of PIN
    3. Copy of guardian’s passport size photo
    4. Utility Bill
    5. Child’s birth certificate