This loan offers quick financial solutions to bridge gaps within the supply chain which include LPOs, LSOs, invoice discounting, bid bonds and performance bonds. Repayment is done in three months.

  • Requirements

    1. Open an account with REMU MFB Ltd
    2. Two passport size photos for the applicant
    3. Application form from REMU MFB Ltd
    4. Original ID and a copy
    5. Original PIN and a copy
    6. Certificate of Registration
    7. Rent Receipts of business premises
    8. Sales records/Business records
    9. Business license
    10. Certified bank statements for the last six months
    11. Certified loan account statement (if any)
    12. Sketch map of Residence
    13. Copy of Title/Logbook
    14. Utility Bill e.g. Water /Electricity Bill
    15. Valuation Report