This is a loan offered to employees with a common employer coming together in small groups to save and borrow through co-guarantee system.

  • Fees

    1. Interest rates charged at 20% p.a.
    2. Processing fee 3% (one off)
    3. Credit life Insurance cover (1.6% one off)
    4. Provide a logbook or Guarantee by employer to be executed,
    5. Client to meet cost of charging security, Valuation and any other cost related to the loan disbursement.
  • Requirements

    1. One passport size photo,
    2. Original ID, PIN and a copy,
    3. Three latest pay slips (original)
    4. Letter of introduction from the employer confirming terms of employment,
    5. Certified bank statements for six months,
    6. Loan statement (if any),
    7. Evidence of any other income
    8. Utility bill e.g. electricity bill for the residence,
    9. Sketch map of the residence
    10. Valuation report from strategic valuers or Regent
    11. Proforma Invoice